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How To Get To Tulamben

One thing you should prepare before ticking your bucket list in Bali is deciding how to transfer from your hotel. Many transportation options are available in Bali, but don’t forget to choose the right and reliable one, such as Amed Bali Adventure for example. Tulamben is a hidden paradise if you’d love to fulfil your adrenaline. There you can go scuba diving, snorkelling, and taking nature-wildlife tours. How to get to Tulamben? Here’s the guide you should know about transportation to Tulamben.

Tulamben from Where You Stay

Tulamben is a village located in Karangasem, east side of Bali. This place is accessible by private or public transportation even though you stay outside Karangasem regency.

Here is a glimpse to know how far Tulamben from your hotel:

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport

From Ngurah Rai International Airport, it takes around 3 hours 15 minutes by car. The distance in between is 98km. There are various modes of transportation if you would like to go to Tulamben from the airport.

A taxi is easily find at Ngurah Rai. Other than that, you can take a shuttle bus or hire a private car driver to pick you up.

  • Others from Tulamben

Usually it takes 2 up to 3 hours to go to Tulamben depending on the traffic jam. Tulamben is located at the north-east of Bali. Therefore, if you stay in the south side of Bali, such as in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Ubud, and Jimbaran, you will need more time on your road.

On the other hand, if you stay on the west, north, or north-east Bali, you can cut the time on the road. For instance from Amed or Lovina.

How To Get To Tulamben?

For the transportations, several choices are available in this island of Gods. Here’s to scrutinise transportations options to Tulamben. 

1. Getting to Tulamben by Private Car

how to get to tulamben by private car

The easiest way for the foreigners when they stay in Bali is by hiring a private car. There is no difficulty in finding private car rental service just by googling them with various keywords like Tulamben driver.

How to get to Tulamben? It’s highly recommend to use a private car rental because the distance is quite far. Especially if you stay in Kuta, Seminyak, or Ubud, We will help you a lot.

One of professional Tulamben driver services is Amed Bali Adventure. We have provided car rental and private drivers for tourists for years, which shows our service is excellent. Our excellency is shown by honest reviews from the customers that shows Amed is really taking care of our customers heartfully.

Booking a Tulamben driver from Amed Bali Adventure is really easy. By giving us a call through WhatsApp and discussing with us how long and where you stay, we can adjust the schedule with yours. Therefore, it is okay if you stay in southern Bali and would like to go to Tulamben. You can sleep during your trip and let Amed Bali Adventure take care of the rest!

2. Taking a Taxi to Tulamben

by taxi

Another transport how to get to There is by taking a taxi. Usually, you can find taxi service from Ngurah Rai Airport. Things you should note when you take a taxi are the rates.

The taxi rate is quite highly expensive because the fare is measured by how much kilometres to the distance. Therefore, if you look for the same comfortability, it’s highly advised to hire a driver from Amed Bali Adventure

A private driver like Amed Bali Adventure has no hidden cost, no additional fee. You can compare the Tulamben taxi rates to Tulamben drivers and you will know the most affordable one.

3. Shuttle Bus with Affordable Cost

by shuttle bus

If you are looking for affordable transportation, you can use a shuttle bus. Because a shuttle bus is a public transportation, it’s advised not to expect the arrival on time and you should spend a lot of time on the road.

The pros of taking a shuttle bus is the rate that might suit you well if you are a backpacker.

However, it takes around 4 – 5 hours by shuttle bus (depending on your hotel location) because they have to stop at several points in Bali. The pick-up and the drop-off point is already determined, so you should walk to the pick-up point first.

Not ready for that fuss that might make your Bali plan crumble? Amed Bali Adventure is your best choice. Be ready at the front of your hotel and wait for us to pick you up. Easy and no hustle.

4. Scooter Riding to Tulamben

Last, how to get to Tulamben? You can also use a scooter. However, you should note that the weather in Bali is mostly hot and riding a scooter requires special skills and an international driving license is needed.

Since the distance is far enough and you also need to read the map, it’s better for you to hire a private driver to accompany your trip. 

Book with Amed Bali Adventure will keep you safe, yet you can also get new experiences by getting along with us. Hear the stories of Bali from the experts!

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Tulamben is a great match for Bali’s bucket list. Experience the cultural and outdoor adventure in Tulamben. Tulamben is the best choice to release your adrenaline junkie.

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