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Mount Agung Trekking: Full Package Sunrise Tour With Amed Bali

Are you looking for a nature reserve experience in Bali? If you do, Mount Agung trekking with its magical sunrise can be on your bucket list. Especially when you choose the right tour guide in Bali, your trip would be joyful.

Here are the things you should know before sunrise hiking to the summit. A comprehensive explanation of Mount Agung and what service you can get with Amed Bali Adventure.

About Mount Agung

Located at Karangasem Bali, Mount Agung is believe to be Bali’s holiest and highest mountain. It lies 3142 meters above sea level, with a minimum 3 up to 4 hours hiking from Pasar Agung temple. If you would like to enjoy the surroundings more, you can also hike from Besakih temple, which takes 6 to 7 hours to reach the top.

There are things you should note before the summit. Firstly, hiking Mount Agung has high to extreme levels. Therefore, make sure that your body is fit. Second, the temperature at the summit is 6 – 12 celsius, which is important for you to bring a windbreaker jacket.

As it’s believe to be the holiest mountain in Bali, women who are in period time are not allowed for hiking.

Other than that, you should also pay attention to Mount Agung trekking difficulty. Mount Agung trekking difficulty is pretty different, so you should be in a high level of healthiness. This mount is also recommend for experienced hikers only since the trek is strenuous. Third, always be prepared for extreme temperatures at the mount.

That’s all the glimpse of Mount Agung and Mount Agung trekking difficulty. Now, take a look at the trekking distance and other things you should know.

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Distance

There are two routes of Mount Agung sunrise trekking, the longest and the shortest trek. The longest trek is from Besakih temple and the shortest is from Pasar Agung temple.

Mount Agung sunrise trekking from Besakih temple will suit you well if you are an experienced hiker and would stay longer in the jungle. The hiking time is around 6 to 7 hours to reach the top. Moreover, You will be admired by the dense jungle during your walk.

If you would like to catch the sunrise, it’s highly recommended hiking from Pasar Agung temple. Usually it takes around 3 until 4 hours hiking which should not be tired and you can still enjoy the magnificent sunrise.

Sunrise at Mount Agung

The most highlighted activity at Mount Agung is catching the sunrise. It’s around 6.15 AM to 6.30 AM. Therefore, you should start to walk from 1.00 AM if you choose the shortest route, which is from Pasar Agung, the south path of the mountain.

The sunrise at Mount Agung is an amazing one, different from any other summit you’ve ever seen. Furthermore, the experience is completed with the spectacular trek to reach its top. Trekking at Mount Agung would be an unforgettable memory when you are in Bali.

Mount Agung Trekking Package Price

Mount Agung trekking price is highly affordable for your pocket. The price depends on how many people are in your group. Amed Bali Adventure provides different rates for personal and group travelers.

  1. Solo traveler : IDR 1.600.000
  2. Two persons : IDR 1.800.000
  3. Three persons : 2.100.000
  4. Four persons : 2.500.000
  5. Five persons : 2.700.000

The price includes return transport and private tour guide. Therefore, you can save more money.

Trekking Facilities

If you take Mount Agung sunrise trekking with Amed Bali Adventure, the facilities you can get are:

  • Pick-up and return transfer from your hotel, with private transport
  • Friendly and skilled English tour guide
  • Light breakfast
  • Trekking pole
  • Flashlight


The hiking itinerary can be from Besakih Temple or Pasar Agung temple. However, for more convenience, Amed Bali Adventure only provides the trek from Pasar Agung temple. Here is a glimpse of the trekking itinerary from Pasar Agung temple to reach the summit.

11.45 PM till 0.00 AM : picking-up time from your hotel, time depends on your location

01.00 AM : arrive at Pasar Agung temple, than meet the guide from local people

01.15 – 1.30 AM : start hiking to the summit of the holy mount

06.00 AM : arrive at the top, while enjoying the amazing views

07.00 AM – 07.30 AM : descent to Pasar Agung temple or to the starting point

11.00 AM : arrive at the starting point

11.30 AM : return transfer to your hotel

1.00 PM : finally arrive back at your hotel

Amed Bali Adventure Guide

No worries with the guides from Amed Bali Adventure. The local guides from Amed Bali Adventure are polite, kind, and easygoing. They are skilled in English so you can communicate with them easily. Other than that, the guides are proven with honest reviews from Tripadvisor

Things You Should Bring Before Trekking

Here are things you should bring before trekking at Mount Agung:

  • Decent trekking wears such as long pants and windbreaker jacket
  • Camera
  • Bag
  • Sport shoes
  • 2L Drinking water
  • Extra clothes
  • Extra money
  • Last, Only bring what you need and leave the rest at your hotel

Amed Bali Adventure Pick-up Time

Talking about the pick-up time, it depends on where you stay. The flexibility of Amed Bali Adventure is we can pick you up from anywhere, whether you are from the airport or your hotel.

The pick-up can be from South Bali, North Bali, or East Bali. besides that Here is a few of pick-up time if you stay beyond of Karangasem regency:

Kuta : 11.45 PM

Legian : 11.45 PM

Ubud : 12.00 AM

Seminyak : 11.45 PM

Candidasa : 12.45 AM

Nusa Dua : 11.45 PM

Canggu : 11.45 PM

Amed : 12.00 AM

Embrace Sunrise Tour at Mount Agung Now

That’s all the complete explanation of Mount Agung trekking package with Amed Bali Adventure. Reliable tour guide will really help you. especially, For easy booking, leave your call or message through WhatsApp +6282138749445. !