ujung water palace

Ujung Water Palace, located on Bali’s eastern coast, is a historical and architectural marvel. In this post, we will look at the rich history of Taman Ujung, how to get there, how much entrance tickets cost, and why visiting this palace is worthwhile. Join Amed Bali Adventure for an interesting experience that will deepen your understanding of this majestic artwork.

History of Ujung Water Palace

The Ujung Water Palace, built by the late King of Karangasem in the early 20th century, operated as a retreat and recreational facility for the royal family. The palace’s design incorporates Balinese, Chinese, and European elements, resulting in a stunning combination of architectural forms. Taman Sukasada, surrounded by enormous lakes, elegant bridges, and lush gardens, is a living example of Bali’s royal legacy.

How to Get to Ujung Water Palace

Amed Bali Adventure makes traveling to the water palace a simple experience. The journey from Amed to the Palace takes you through beautiful scenery and small villages. Amed Bali Adventure provides tour driver excursions, ensuring that travelers not only get at their destination pleasantly, but also enjoying the beautiful of Water Palace.

Entrance Ticket Price

According to the most recent information, the entrance ticket price for Water Palace is inexpensive, allowing a wide spectrum of tourists to experience the palace’s splendor. Ticket price IDR 100,000 per person per adult

Is it Worth the Visit?

The Water Palace offers a remarkable blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit location. The extensive gardens, elaborate sculptures, and panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes provide a distinct and immersive experience. Taman sukasada provides something for everyone, whether you enjoy history, architecture, or just want to relax.

Join Amed Bali Adventure for an Enchanting Visit

Consider joining Amed Bali Adventure to enhance your experience at Ujung Water Palace. This local tour business specializes in customized experiences that allow guests to not only see the magnificence of Water Palace but also got a better appreciation of its historical and cultural significance. Amed Bali Adventure’s expert driver and well-planned itineraries ensure an enriching and enjoyable trip to this regal masterpiece.

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