tirta gangga water palace

Tirta Gangga is a tranquil haven among Bali’s beautiful surroundings. This post will describe the interesting history, offer directions to this beautiful location, talk about the cost of entrance tickets, and explain why is a must-see. Take part in an interactive experience with Amed Bali Adventure to make your trip to this enchanted water palace even more memorable.

The Tirta Gangga Story

Translating to “Water of the Ganges,” Tirta Gangga is a royal water palace that was built in East Bali in 1948. Built by the late King of Karangasem, the palace represents the Beautiful gardens, elegant decorations, and an arrangement of tiered pools supplied by natural springs provide a peaceful and scenic environment within the complex. For both locals and tourists, The palace is a sacred site since every part of the site has spiritual value.

How To Get To Tirta Gangga

Traveling to Tirta Gangga is a fun excursion, and you can make it even more enjoyable with Amed Bali adventure. The drive to the water palace from Amed is beautiful, offering views of colorful green rice terraces and peaceful countryside. With the help of private trips from Amed Bali Adventure.

Tirta Gangga Entrance Ticket Price

The water palace admission ticket price is affordable, making a wide variety of people possible to attend. Ticket price IDR 75,000 per person per adult

A Valuable Encounter

This place is well worth visiting because of its magical beauty and cultural value. A calming environment is created by the carefully planned ponds that are surrounded by lush flora and decorated with statues. They provides a unique trip that appeals to tourists of all stripes.

Join Amed Bali Adventure for a Fulfilling Experience

Take a look in Amed Bali Adventure if you want to get the most out of your trip. This local tour company specializes in carefully planned trips so that you can experience Tirta Gangga’s beauty and learn more about its cultural.

Tirta gangga water palace
the water palace
barong statue at water palace
tirta gangga water palace