Amed Bali Snorkeling

amed snorkeling

Bali is not only for surfers! If you enjoy wandering underwater, the island indeed offers you a great snorkeling experience. Make sure to hit the top-tier Amed snorkeling spots listed below!

Amed Snorkeling By Boat Package Price

Visit 5 Snorkeling Spots

  • 1–2 people, IDR 1000K per boat
  • 3–4 people, 1100K per boat
  • special offer for a large or family group
  • There is no hidden cost; a 30% down payment required
  • 5 hours duration (9 AM to 2 PM)
  • Pick-up time: 8.30 AM
  • IDR 50K to 100K additional charges applied if you stay beyond Amed (Bunutan, Lipah, Lean, Banyuning, or Tulamben village)

Visit 3 Snorkeling Spots

  • 1–2 people, IDR 900K per boat
  • 3–4 people, 1000K per boat
  • special offer for a large or family group
  • There is no hidden cost; a 30% down payment required
  • 4 hours duration (9 AM to 1 PM)
  • Pick-up time: 8.30 AM
  • IDR 50K to 100K additional charges applied if you stay beyond Amed (Bunutan, Lipah, Lean, Banyuning, or Tulamben village)

What’s included in the price?

  • Private car hotel pick-up and drop-off in the central Amed area
  • Mineral water
  • Boat plus captain
  • Snorkeling gear mask and fin

Amed Snorkeling Tour Itinerary

  1. Japanese shipwreck
  2. Selang beach
  3. Lipah beach
  4. Jemeluk beach
  5. Amed pyramid

5 Best of Amed Snorkeling Spots with Lovely Underwater Scenery

Amed is one of the best places for snorkeling, with beautiful sparkling black sand and a magnificent view of Mount Agung, Bali. The beaches in this corner are known as the best snorkeling spots, as they have many to feast your eyes and heart. Scroll down to take a deeper dive into the list!

1. Amed Beach, Pyramid

amed pyramid

Unlike the other famous beaches in Bali, which have beautiful white sand, Amed Beach has a black sand beach that still looks attractive. Moreover, the underwater scenery is extraordinary.
For a long time, with cleaner air and sea compared to the other beaches on the island, Amed Beach has been home to thousands of unique and rare marine life. In addition. Furthermore, the stunning view of Mount Agung adds depth to the beautiful impression of Amed Beach.
The sea view of Amed Beach, with its main underwater attraction of impressive and exotic coral reefs, also makes it a popular choice of Amed Bali snorkeling spots. The adorable fish will excitedly welcome an underwater photograph with visitors.

2. Japanese Shipwreck

Japanese shipwreck

Not far from Amed Beach, a Japanese shipwreck overgrows various coral reefs, transforming it into a home to diverse marine biota. Therefore, this location is also the best snorkeling spot you can find around Amed.
Since the wave is quite solid and rocky, this snorkeling spot is more suitable for experienced snorkelers. For better underwater visibility, start your aquatic activities in this spot in the morning because, during the day, the visibility will eventually decrease.

3. Lipah Bay

Lipah beach

Lipah Bay is in the Amed beach snorkeling area, which offers you sights of black sand and coral rocks. The calm atmosphere comforts you while relaxing on the seashore. If you’d prefer easy snorkeling in shallow water, then this spot is an ideal location!
Various coral reefs grow in this area, and you can expect to meet and play with its locally famous fish gank, such as Mackerels, Blue Spotted Rays, and Sponge Barrel. Bear in mind that you should snorkel carefully in Lipah Bay so you won’t step on the sharp reefs and hurt yourself.

4. Jemeluk Beach

Jemeluk beach temple under the water

What makes Jemeluk Beach one of the recommended Amed snorkeling spots is the marvelous stretch of coral reefs that invite numerous attractive fish. Under the clear water, with dancing corals, you may spot blue-spotted rays, damselfish, surgeonfish, or angelfish.
A long-time sunken temple is now a flourishing location for diverse kinds of coral reefs to grow and rare fish to catch. Another plus point of Jemeluk Beach is the calm water condition, which fits snorkelers at the beginner level and is kid-friendly.

5. Bunutan – Selang Beach

Selang beach

Bunutan is less popular compared to other spots on the list. However, this sandy bay in croissant shape is an Amed Bali snorkeling spot that offers you a unique wrap-up! Its shallow water leads visitors to a location where some claim to spot black-tip sharks and many types of tropical fish.
While it’s suitable for beginners, Bunutan Selang Beach snorkeling spot has a lavish coral garden right in the face of Good Karma Bungalows.

4 Tips to Make Your Amed Snorkeling Adventure Safe and Sound

Don’t make your fun activity in Amed underwater a disastrous memory! Prioritizing the safety of yourself and the environment should come first. Practice the following tips from the very start!

1. Pick the Morning Time For Amed Snorkeling

The best time to snorkel in Amed is in the morning, when the weather is still lovely with a modest temperature. It’s also the time when the underwater scenery is still well lit by the sun. The risk of aquatic injury and accidents is lower when you still get sufficient light while snorkeling under the sea.

2. Bring the Equipment that You Need

Bring appropriate equipment such as snorkeling, drinking water, extra clothes, extra cash, a camera or Go-Pro, etc. If you do not have snorkeling gear with you, renting them in the snorkeling equipment rental will undoubtedly do.

3. Do Not Litter

Garbage has the most dangerous potential to violate coral reefs and fish habitats in the Amed Bali snorkeling spots and further deep in the sea. Thus, bring your trash back to the coast and throw it in the already-available trash. Do not even think about littering while snorkeling, y’all.
Accordingly, mind the way you move when swimming through, not to hurt yourself or damage the coral reefs either.

4. Use the Boat to Reach the Snorkeling Location

The snorkeling spots where fish and coral reefs live are far from the coast. In addition, the waves on the shore are pretty strong as well. Thus, it would be way too challenging to reach parts of the water just by swimming.
Hence, getting to the snorkeling spot by boat is a better and suggested choice. Otherwise, the track is dangerous for your safety and will tire your body before getting to the main attraction.

Ease Your Amed Snorkeling Experience by Boat

Not only is it faster, but hitting the snorkeling locations in Amed using a boat is a safer choice.
Among many offerings, you can hope with Amed Bali Adventure Boat Service to get on the floor and reach Amed Beach snorkeling location or other spots, like the Japanese Shipwreck.
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