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Amed Snorkeling

Amed Snorkeling is a tour activity that allows you to enjoy snorkeling at Amed Beach, a tiny resort with a delightfully rich reef teeming with soft and hard corals and a diverse array of fish. This peaceful black sand cove near the calm resort town of Amed is home to a very lush reef teeming with soft and hard corals and a diverse range of species. If you are already familiar with snorkeling, you may enjoy it without a guide, but if you require a guide, please let us know and we will arrange one for you. Contact us Amed Bali Adventure.

First at Jemeluk Bay

It is highly popular because of a peculiar feature located approximately 50 meters offshore from the underwater temple. Expect nothing resembling a subterranean ancient temple with hundreds of halls and graves. Because it is the size of a post office, some people call it the Underwater Post Office. You can swim over and around it, discovering how corals and fish have made it their new home. Angelfish, surgeonfish, blue starfish, and, if you’re lucky, a blue spotted ray can be found.

amed snorkeling

Second at Japanese Wreck

The shipwreck location is in banyuning village in front of the baliku dive resort. Little is known about how a Japanese ship came to be stranded on these grounds, or whether the ship is really Japanese. However, because of its proximity to the beach and shallow depth of 6 to 12 meters, it is popular among divers and freedivers. The wreck is now home to a variety of sponges as well as rows of enormous gorgonian fans. Not far from the wreck, you might find a massive staghorn coral table. It should be noted that due to underwater rocks, accessing the water may be difficult at first. To protect yourself, use neoprene socks. It has been suggested that you visit the place early in the morning when visibility is optimal.

japanese wreck

Third at Lipah Beach

The majority of the Amed area is made up of black volcanic sand. A few locations, such as Lipah, offer better visibility due to their whiter sand. Greater biodiversity and hard coral formations can be seen at the corner of Pondok Vienna Beach, immediately before Lipah Beach begins. It is not difficult to get to this place in the water, although it is best done in the morning at high tide. At low tide, rocks and dead corals may be difficult to navigate. Please keep in mind that in very shallow water, it may be tempting to step on coral rocks to move through the water more easily. However, this just harms the coral, and your actions may have an impact on the environment in ways you are unaware of.

lipah beach

Amed Snorkeling Cost

  1. IDR 600,000 per car for 3 places.
  2. IDR 500,000 per car for 2 places.
  3. IDR 350,000 per car, for 1 place.
  4. Snorkeling gear is IDR 50,000 per set without a life jacket.

The Amed Snorkeling Tour Itinerary

  1. The pick-up time is 8 am.
  2. First, the trip to the Japanese wreck
  3. Second, visit Lipah beach.
  4. Third, go to Jemeluk Beach, and then have lunch while admiring the
  5. view of the ocean.
  6. Last, back to the hotel.


  • Price per car for up to 5 people
  • 3 places: full day, 8-hours duration¬†
  • 2 places: half-day, 4-hours duration.
  • 1 place: 2 to 3 hours’ duration