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Telaga Waja Water Rafting

Bali water rafting, specifically Telaga Waja River rafting for Bali rafting tour activities, is unlike other rivers in Bali, such as rafting the Ayung River in Ubud. The longest rafting track in Bali is on this river, which is 16 kilometers long. On this river, a bali water rafting trip takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. The Telaga Waja River rafting in Bali is known for its crystal clear water and fast-moving river currents. As a result, the Telaga Waja river is ideal for those looking for challenging and exciting white-water rafting activities in Bali. The Telaga Waja River in Karangasem has a nearly 5-meter-high descending path with a slope of about 50 degrees. The most exciting part of rafting on this river is going down this river with you in a rubber boat.

Water Rafting Safety

Every company/operator providing Telaga Waja rafting activities prioritizes the safety and comfort of participants. Because the success of a rafting company in Bali is largely determined by the safety of its customers. To ensure the safety and comfort of river rafting participants on the Telaga Waja. As a result, each company must adhere to the rafting procedures and safety standards. Furthermore, rafting companies/operators must consider river water discharge to determine whether it is suitable for rafting activities.

telaga waja water rafting activities

Water Rafting Guide and Briefing 

A guide who is skilled and experienced in rafting activities on the Telaga Waja river will deliver a briefing before you begin rafting on this river. The rafting guide will instruct you on how to sit in a rubber boat, how to row, and how to save yourself if you become separated from the boat. In addition, the rafting handbook includes instructions on how to stay safe when rafting. The rafting equipment is the highest international grade. A life jacket and a helmet will be provided to each participant. When rafting, one inflatable boat can hold up to four people and one rafting guide in order to guarantee security and safety. However, rafting players play an important role in terms of rafting security and safety. Rafting participants must always follow the advice of the guide. When there are impediments in front of you.


Water Rafting Price

  • The cost of Bali rafting for a single tourist is IDR 1.300.000.
  • IDR 850.000 per person for 2 persons.
  • IDR 750.000 per person for a group of 3.
  • IDR 650.000 per person for a group of 4.
  • IDR 550.000 per person for a group of 5.

Return transportation, your lunch, driver’s meals, fuel, and full air conditioning are all included in the rafting rates.

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