sidemen to amed

Taxi price from Sidemen to Amed

  1. One-way trip or direct trip price from Sidemen to Amed: IDR 400K
  2. Full-day tour price from Sidemen to Amed:
  3. Through the main street: 700K
  4. Sidemen street: 700K
  5. Day tour max 2 stops 5-6 hours duration price 600K
  6. Price per car up to 4 people, No hidden cost, and pay cash on the day itself

The distance and travel time from Sidemen to Amed

The distance and travel time from Sidemen to Amed is about 45 kilometers takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to drive maybe more depending on the traffic jam by a private car driver, but besides that, if your hotel is beyond Amed villages such as Lipah village, Lean village or Banyuning village or maybe in Tulamben area it will take 15minutes – 30minutes longer, Padang bai is located in Karangasem regency, Manggis district.

Transport and taxi service with us

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The best time to go from Sidemen

Good and the best time to go from Sidemen at 8 am – 10 am to avoid the traffic in the afternoon also we will be ready 24 hours whenever you want us to pick you up, are you planning to make a full-day tour along the way from Sidemen.?please have a look below the itinerary.! In addition, we have some great advice on things to see and advice things to do.

Advice things to see from Sidemen to Amed

You can either make a stop along the way to see some sightseeing, Here we have made a detailed itinerary for a day tour along the way from Sidemen to Amed by following 2 different routes, and please choose one of the routes.

Firstly, The main street is traversed

  1. Lempuyang temple
  2. Coffee plantation
  3. Maha gangga valley
  4. Tirta gangga water palace
  5. Karangasem king palace
  6. Amlapura traditional market
  7. Ujung water palace
  8. Virgin Beach
  9. Tenganan old village
  10. Honey Bee farm

Secondly, Through sidemen street

  1. Lempuyang temple
  2. Coffee plantation
  3. Maha gangga valley
  4. Tirta gangga water palace
  5. Buda keling silver factory
  6. Kuta Bali village terrace view
  7. Gembleng waterfall

Advice on things to do from Sidemen to Amed

Looking for all the top things to do along the way to Amed? In case you are yet to arrive in Amed, here are some recommended things to do along the way that you may wish to consider.

Through the main street

Blue lagoon snorkeling at Padang Bai

Along sidemen street

Telaga waja river rafting

What is included during a full-day tour.?

  • Fuel
  • Parking fee
  • Full air-condition
  • Driver meals

Please Note

  1. One-way trip means a direct trip to Amed
  2. Full-day tour 8 hours duration starting from hotel pick-up in Sidemen to hotel in Amed
  3. Additional charges of 50K per hour after 8 hours
  4. Please select one of the routes through the main street or Sidemen
  5. No mixing trip between the main street and Sidemen Street
  6. Please select a maximum of 4 places during a full-day tour
  7. Please spend a maximum of 1 hour or not longer than 1 ½ hours every single spot
  8. If you are interested in activities we will arrange your itinerary between sightseeing and activities, 1 activity with 2 sightseeing
  9. Activities prices are not included in the taxi price (activities are your expenses).