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How To Get To Amed

Are you ready to release your energy by enjoying outdoor activities in Amed Bali? Let’s find out how to get to Amed Bali by the easiest way from the capital. There are several choices to reach Amed Bali. First, by using a private car driver with Amed Bali Adventure. Second, it can be reached by taxi. Third, you can use a shuttle bus. Next, you can also use a scooter. And last, unique bemo can be a choice too.

Getting to Amed by Private Car Driver

First, renting a private car driver is the easiest way to get to Amed. We are from Amed Bali Adventure and offer transport services to get to Amed Bali from the airport, Kuta, Ubud, Lovina, Pemuteran, as well as throughout Bali island. Moreover, we give you an affordable price with good driving skills and a good English-speaking driver. Besides, we had excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. Please check it out at this link. We not only offer transport but also have some great advice on things to see and things to do along the way to Amed, whether you are coming from the south or the north of Bali. We also arrange activities in the surrounding area such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, trekking, and many more.

how to get to amed

Reaching Amed by Taxi

Second, you can reach Amed Bali by taxi. It costs around private car rental in range Rp. 700.000 – Rp. 800.000 from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, or Kuta. In contrast, if you travel from the closer one such as Candidasa, it costs Rp. 350.000.
Bali Airport also provides a taxi service but using a taxi will be a bit more expensive because they calculate the fare per kilometer using a taximeter or meter with a minimum cost of Rp. 120.000 and an extra fare of Rp. 6500 / km. Therefore, it’s easy to get to Amed Bali by taxi from the Airport.

by taxi

Public Transportation by Shuttle Bus

Third, if you have a limited budget, there is a shuttle bus with a cheap price from Kuta that costs around Rp. 35.000 rupiah. First, you can take the bus from Denpasar or Batubulan Bus Station then to Amlapura. After that, you can continue by Bemo. Shuttle Bus is also available from the Airport with estimation time arrived around 4 to 5 hours. To reach Amed, you can choose Perama Shuttle bus or Damri Shuttle Bus Route from the airport. The pros of using the bus are cheap and you can make new friends but it takes longer than a private car or taxi because there would be some stops at several other places.

going to amed by shuttle bus

Use Scooter

Another way to Amed Bali is by using a scooter. It’s also easy to find scooter rental in Bali. Scooter rental price is around Rp. 60.000 – Rp. 75.000 rupiah for a day in Bali. Furthermore, if you plan to rent it for a week, it costs around Rp. 300.000 – 350.000 per week.

heading to amed with scooter

Unique Bemo to Reach Amed

Last, you can get to Amed Bali is by bemo driving. Bemo is a small minibus in Bali that connects from one village to another and has a certain route. Moreover, the best part is it will give you an interesting experience in your Bali journey.
However, bemo is limited or cannot be used for a long trip. If you want to use bemo, you can stop at Amlapura first. After that, it takes around 45 minutes to get to jemeluk. In addition, do not forget to say to the driver you would like to go to the Jemeluk beach so he will take you there. The cost is quite cheap, around Rp. 20.000 – Rp. 25.000.

by public bemo

Enjoy the Journey to Amed Bali

Located on the East Side of Bali, Amed might be quite far from the hustle and bustle of Bali. However, to get east Bali is so easy from the capital and you can have many choices. First, you can choose private transportation such as a private car, taxi, or scooter. Second, public transportation might be nice and save your money too. For instance, a shuttle bus or bemo. Now, time to enjoy your magnificent Amed journey. Wishing you safe and healthy!