bali driver


If you are planning to visit Bali for a vacation, a Bali driver service or a private car driver is the best choice since it will help to guide you during your trip. One of the services is the private drivers from Amed Bali Adventure, which provides a private tour guide service. Many Bali drivers are available in Denpasar, Canggu, Kuta, or the surroundings in order to help you. However, you should also decide to have a skilled and professional driver so your trip would be meaningful. The drivers from Amed Bali Adventure can be your consideration. We provided skilled, professional, and reliable drivers. Not only that, but We also have excellent English skills and got many positive reviews from the visitors in TripAdvisor.


There are various Bali driver services you can find in Bali. Whether you are in Denpasar, Canggu, Kuta, Amed, and suroundings. The services are also available between personal service or from the official agent. Usually, the driver service in Bali offers you several options. First, there is a one-way trip from arrival to your destination. Second, a two-way trip or return trip is also available so you don’t have to worry if you want to go back again to your hotel.


When you are traveling on this island of Gods, you can hire us as a private driver that will make your trip more convenient. Hiring a driver can also make you visit more places because you will be helped by our drivers. There are two things that differentiate the cost of hiring a private driver. First, rent a standard vehicle with a driver and at a normal price of IDR 700,000 per day. Second, the type of car might increase the hiring cost starting from $90 to $100 per day, for a luxury car will be more expensive than a standard vehicle.


In Bali, you can find many private drivers to assist you during your vacation and we are the one Amed Bali Adventure. Since Bali private drivers would help you a lot when you are in Bali, make sure that you find professional and reliable private drivers.


Bali driver price is various, depending on the type of car you book and how many hours you would like to use our service. It can be starting from Rp. 700,000 per day (9 Hours) and IDR 450,000 for half-day (5 Hours) for a standard vehicle like Avanza, APV, Xenia.


Not only hire a private driver or tour driver, but you can also use our service as a Bali tour guide including a driver. This will help you save your money more because you don’t have to hire a private tour guide. If you are lucky, you can also adjust your budget with us. Of course, it is still affordable.


During your Bali experiences, do not hesitate to use the best driver service that will help during your travel. Many services are available, starting from the private car driver, driver service, to tour guide.